Case Studies

High Impact Strategic Partnership Results in 110% CAG

Customer Challenge A start-up company offering high-pressure flow control equipment used in oil and gas applications had to develop a strategy for manufacturing its products.  The company’s management need to answer the question: “Should we use available human and capital resources to vertically integrate our own manufacturing facility, or utilize a strategic partner?” The decision... Continue reading

Business Model Change Focuses Business on its Core Strengths Leading to 23% Growth

Customer Challenge An OEM that produced very large equipment machined its own complex, precision parts, but realized that although it had a world-class product it did not have a world-class machining operation.  The OEM’s analysis of their business highlighted the tradeoffs they faced:  invest capital into upgrading their machine tools and manufacturing organization or put... Continue reading

Bringing Order to Chaos

Customer Challenge An OEM prospect had an important part family component of its product line that were not performing and causing major problems. The castings had excessive porosity and lack of stock and the machining supplier was not delivering on time or with the necessary quality to keep the company’s production lines running on schedule. ... Continue reading

A Laser Focus on Service

Customer Challenge A manufacturer of large fluid handling equipment was moving a suite of valve castings from one foundry into another as part of a strategic initiative to launch a new product. Critical to the process were the rapid transfer of patterns and the launch of new patterns. Timing became compromised during the qualifications phase... Continue reading

Scaling up to Meet Market Opportunities

Customer Challenge When an ACME customer introduced a new product family into the market, it found that demand far exceeded capacity of the supply base. Our customer knew that a substantial amount of additional business could be generated if availability of the product family could be increased. The part family required precision machining of large... Continue reading

Data Duel

Customer Challenge ACME provides precision machining of power cylinders for a manufacturer of heavy equipment used in petroleum pipeline management.  After machining by ACME, these power cylinders proceed to another supplier who provides plating and honing services.  After honing, the supplier took measurements of the main bore to a mounting face, and found that the... Continue reading

Cross-Divisional Success

Customer Challenge As a result of an ongoing and successful relationship, one of Acme’s oil and gas customers referred our company to its division that manufactures products used in drilling applications. A great supplier was needed to provide the capacity required for the division’s growth and fulfillment of year-end commitments. BEYOND PRECISION SOLUTION Acme quickly gathered... Continue reading

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