Product Development Ensures Critical Delivery Performance

Customer Challenge

An existing customer was encountering problems procuring a peripheral piece of equipment that was required for shipment with their own product.  If the assembly was not available when needed, the customer could not ship as required to their customers.  Unable to influence the company that made the peripheral equipment to deliver to their requirements, they were not attaining their own revenue targets and needed a solution.


Acme’s customer requested that Acme develop a product similar to the one they were purchasing. The product was an assembly with 18 components made from castings and other raw material that were machined and assembled. Acme designed the parts, sourced the material, machined, and assembled the parts into the finished product.


Not only was Acme’s customer able to generate $1.5M in annual shipments that the peripheral equipment totaled, but they also were able to reliably deliver their own product that was worth many times that. Acme gave their customer the delivery performance they needed to ensure the success of their current and future business.

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