Bringing Order to Chaos

Customer Challenge

An OEM prospect had an important part family component of its product line that were not performing and causing major problems. The castings had excessive porosity and lack of stock and the machining supplier was not delivering on time or with the necessary quality to keep the company’s production lines running on schedule.  With a high order rate for their product line, it was critical to deal with the chaos that was being caused by their suppliers’ performance and get it resolved as quickly as possible.  At the same time, the OEM company learned that their legacy documentation of product and process drawings, specifications, and tolerances was far from optimal if they were to consider help from other suppliers.


The OEM company chose Acme Industries to take on tier 1 responsibility for the part family, help choose a new foundry to supply the castings and bring them into production. The OEM company asked Acme to start supplying machined parts using castings from the old foundry until castings could be qualified from the new foundry. Acme also helped bring the legacy documentation up to acceptable levels while going through the qualification process for the machined parts and the castings.


Acme Industries delivered on its Beyond Precision value promise and was able to bring order to chaos. In addition to the precision machined components the customer needed, Acme provided valuable supply chain management leadership while bringing on a new foundry and getting them up to speed. What had been a problem part family for the OEM, which impacted their product build schedules, was transformed into one that had the quality and delivery they needed to perform at a superior level for their customers.

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