Facilitating Growth by Conserving Customer Resources

Customer Challenge

An OEM customer was limiting its growth because it was focused on maintaining its current parts and was not able to apply enough time to new parts and projects. When orders came in over their capacity, the OEM outsourced to suppliers who needed significant support from them to supply engineered processes and material supply chain management.


Acme initially supplied the OEM with three of its most difficult, complex and precision parts without the aid of shared engineering processes. The OEM was impressed with Acme’s high quality and on-time delivery but soon realized that their own supply chain management was limiting the opportunity of taking full advantage of Acme’s capabilities. When given the opportunity to manage the complete supply chain, Acme identified potential raw material savings (a 30% reduction in one case) and eliminated the need for the OEM to manage the supply chain, thus freeing up their resources for growth opportunities.


Acme helped the OEM solve some of their biggest challenges, which were not just their machined parts. The OEM was then better able to utilize their own human and financial resources to grow their business.

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