Full-service partnership Grows Customer Sales by 75%

Customer Challenge

A customer in the Oil and Gas industry seeking to capitalize on a high-potential market opportunity came to Acme to develop and manufacture a complex, high precision product that needed exceptional speed-to-market in order to capture a $24 million sales opportunity.  Besides a short timeframe, the project required that Acme machine a very large 4300 pound forging and manage the procurement of ten different peripheral parts to be shipped in conjunction with the machined forging.


The customer collaborated with Acme’s expert engineering group to design a winning product that was of a noticeably higher quality than any other on the market, and developed innovative machining processes to guarantee consistency and quality on a short timeline. In order to support the customer’s needs, Acme made capital investments in equipment and engaged its strategic supplier partners to help machine the peripheral parts. Within nine weeks from receiving the order, Acme was in production and shipping the machined forging and kitted parts to the customer’s assembly line.


Acme served as a true business partner to itscustomer by collaborating on the product and process development, managing the supply chain of material and peripheral parts, and machining the most critical and complex component of a critical new product initiative. Acme provided its customer, which has no machining capability, all the benefits of vertical integration without tying up their people, capital, and attention. As a result, Acme’s customer expanded its market presence and increased its sales by approximately 75%.

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