Product Innovation Increases Market Opportunity


One of Acme’s customers had a product that in many respects was a commodity compared to its competitors’ products. Its design was almost exactly the same and its field performance was comparable. Once the supply of the product satisfied the demand of the marketplace, the typical downward price pressures of commodity products were being encountered. The customer was challenged to differentiate itself from its competition.


Acme’s operation and engineering team sought a way to help its customer enhance their product so that it would last significantly longer in the field. By combining process, material, and product changes, the team produced a product innovation that was unique and could increase the product’s life by an order of magnitude. After completing engineering analyses, lab tests, and production process reviews with its customer, Acme built test parts for field validation.


On its own initiative, Acme found a Beyond Precision solution to its customer’s product commodity dilemma. Once the field tests validate the significant life extension for the product innovation, Acme’s customer should be able to significantly increase its market share and differentiate itself in its marketplace.

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