Where have all the CNC Machinists gone?

The demand for CNC Machinists may be greater than it has ever been. Machinists are aging and getting ready to retire.

In the United States there may be a shortage of experienced talent but now we must look for the potential talent. At Acme Industries, while experience is preferred, we have learned that we need to train the unexperienced talent we find. Successful CNC machinists both skilled and learners have good math skills, and an aptitude for understanding and using machines or tools. For learners, it is very important to be coachable and trainable.

Acme Industries started an onsite CNC training program to address the issue above. In addition to the standard on the job training, we hired an outside consultant with CNC expertise to do some classroom style training on blueprint reading and overall basic CNC machining. Training is convenient for the new hires because it is done onsite and during their working hours. This is for our Junior CNC machinist positions. No experience or prior education is required, but a lot of experience will be gained. We are willing to train candidates to advance beyond basic operator if they show initiative and aptitude in the field.

And by the way, if you know someone who is interested in a career in CNC machining, please send them our way!

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