Relating a Company’s Culture to Customer Success

Any company that has established a unique corporate culture can relate to the challenge of having its values executed by each individual member of the organization. However, Acme Industries knows first hand that unification of corporate culture within a company’s business model is vital to customer satisfaction and success.

Several years ago, Acme Industries designed a program called Formula 1 that clarified our desired corporate culture. Built upon the premise that “races are won not on the track but behind the scenes,” the implementation of Acme’s Formula 1 model ensures customer success through a strong, homogeneous company culture focused on customer dedication and excellence.

Taking its commitment one step further, Acme recently developed a strategic business model that ensures customer satisfaction by delivering its Beyond Precision Value Promise, as described in other blog entries (Acme’s Business Model  and Value Promises).

Although the strategic alignment of a company’s business model with its corporate culture may seem insignificant to some, the unification of the two is often the distinguishing factor in the client’s perception of the brand. Customer perceptions are largely formed by interactions with the company, including its employees, and how well they are delivering on the company’s committed Value Promise. When a customer can see that the two are aligned, the result is one that instills confidence in the company’s capacity for success.

In order to cultivate the understanding and alignment needed in its organization, Acme Industries developed an employee oriented value promise* that gives an internal perspective of the commitment needed to fulfill this promise. This commitment encourages every Acme employee to focus on each individual customer’s needs to ensure the spot-on delivery of Acme’s Beyond Precision values. Lastly, it was critical for Acme to tie together its culture and Value Promise. Acme’s explicit relationship between the two has empowered its team at all levels to execute its Beyond Precision Value Promise to best contribute to customer success.

*Employee Oriented Value Promise: “As our customer’s manufacturing partner, we take them Beyond Precision by solving their problems and overcoming their challenges.”

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