Engineering Services

Acme Industries’ engineering expertise can help you in the design and prototype phases to optimize your parts for manufacturability.

In collaboration with your internal engineering team, Acme’s engineers draw on their production expertise to assess your needs and recommend solutions that can lead to improved product functionality and savings in both cost and production time.

The engineering process goes hand-in-hand with Quality Assurance to ensure that you get the right part every time. Our engineers accomplish this by using the most up-to-date computer integrated programs such as CAD/CAM software and extensive, hands-on experience.


  • Improve the intended functionality of your product
  • Reduce cost by optimizing the manufacturability of your product
  • Support and assist your engineering department to design complex parts and maximize potential for success
  • Identify new technologies and deploy to existing processes for superior solutions and cost reduction
  • Coordination of strategic and effective process development with Engineers and high skilled machinists

Related Case Studies

Data Duel

ACME provides precision machining of power cylinders for a manufacturer of heavy equipment used in petroleum pipeline management. After machining by ACME, these power cylinders proceed to another supplier who provides plating and honing services.


Cross-Divisional Success

As a result of an ongoing and successful relationship, one of Acme’s oil and gas customers referred our company to its division that manufactures products used in drilling applications.