Flexible capacity has allowed Acme Industries to help customers take advantage of seizing market opportunities. Our diverse portfolio of equipment allows Acme to serve your most demanding components from drilling equipment, to well completion equipment, to stimulation equipment.

Related Case Studies

High Impact Strategic Partnership Results in 110% CAG

A start-up company offering high-pressure flow control equipment used in oil and gas applications had to develop a strategy for manufacturing its products.


Scaling up to Meet Market Opportunities

When an ACME customer introduced a new product family into the market, it found that demand far exceeded capacity of the supply base. Our customer knew that a substantial amount of additional business could be generated if availability of the product family could be increased.


Product Innovation Increases Market Opportunity

One of Acme’s customers had a product that in many respects was a commodity compared to its competitors’ products. Its design was almost exactly the same and its field performance was comparable.