Aerospace and Defense

Historic demand, backlog and competition has created unprecedented challenges for the supply chain. ACME’s solution is our culture of uncompromising quality, service, innovation and operational excellence, resulting in the lowest overall cost. ACME has the resources in place and available capacity to support your largest programs and consolidation of your supply chain. ACME is AS9100D certified and has years of experience machining materials such as magnesium, titanium and other exotic materials.

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Customer Gains 6-12% Cost Reduction from Acme’s Lean Manufacturing Benefits

Many of Acme’s customers encounter cost pressures as they strive to stay competitive in their markets. Since most OEM’s products have more than 50% of their costs generated by the material, parts, and assemblies they purchase, they are very dependent on their supply chain to not only control their costs, but also find cost reductions that can be shared.


High Impact Strategic Partnership Results in 110% CAG

A start-up company offering high-pressure flow control equipment used in oil and gas applications had to develop a strategy for manufacturing its products.