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A Visit from Congressman Peter Roskam

Posted on: May 27th, 2011 by Warren Young

Congressman Peter Roskam recently visited Acme Industries to learn more about the company and see for himself what has fueled Acme’s recent media attention. Over the last few months, Acme Industries has been interviewed by The Economist, Fortune Magazine, and our own local Daily Herald Business Ledger. The Congressman met briefly with the Acme executive team to learn more about our business and to discuss issues, such as potential legislation affecting small businesses and the challenge of finding experienced employees.  Following a tour of the Acme Industries manufacturing plant, Congressman Roskam spoke to our employees about his concerns about our nation’s fiscal health, federal spending, and its effect on our economy.

Congressman Roskam (center) learns more about Acme’s customers and services from Bob Clifford, VP Sales/Mktg (left), and Warren Young, President/CEO (right).

Building Strategic Relationships

Posted on: May 2nd, 2011 by Warren Young

The historical relationship between a customer and its suppliers has often been one of adversaries attempting to take advantage of one another if given the opportunity. The inherent philosophy of that approach is that the relationship amounts to a zero sum game where if one party wins, the other party loses. Breaking away from that practice requires integrity, trust, commitment to the client’s success, and performance that matches up to the commitment. These are some of the major traits of a strategic relationship that can greatly enhance the opportunities for success for both parties.


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